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Many people experience dental anxiety at the prospect of a visit to the dentist. This results in poor oral hygiene and can contribute to poor overall health. Fortunately, dental sedation can alleviate their anxiety and provide a relaxing, stress-free experience that also enables them to have good oral hygiene. If you’re interested in this procedure, call our Yonkers office and we’ll answer all your questions and schedule an appointment for you.

What’s Meant By Oral Sedation Dentistry?

Oral sedation dentistry uses a variety of medications to relax patients and alleviate their dental anxiety. Often, it’s referred to as sleep dentistry, but this is a misnomer. You’re not asleep unless you’ve received general anesthesia. You are, however, very relaxed, you may become drowsy, and you may fall asleep. Sleep dentistry can be used for minor procedures, such as tooth cleanings, or for more invasive techniques that may be required to maintain your good oral health. If you need more information on this procedure, call our Yonkers office and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

How Much Will My Sedation Dentistry Cost?

As is the case with any dental procedure, your sedation dentistry cost will be unique to you. Each patient is unique, so their treatment will be unique. During your initial appointment in our Yonkers office, your dentist will provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the procedures that you need and their cost. Sleep dentistry can be affordable, so don’t neglect your good oral health because of financial concerns. We have several financing options available, and we’ll work with you on an affordable payment option, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

Why Is Dental Sedation Better?

Dental sedation is an excellent choice for many patients because it alleviates their anxiety over a dental visit and it enables them to maintain good oral health. With sedation dentistry, patients can be relaxed and comfortable during the procedure and some may even fall asleep. If you’ve been delaying needed dental treatments because of anxiety over the procedure, don’t delay any longer. Call our office today and make an appointment.

Are There Several Types of Sedation Dentistry in Yonkers?

There are several types of sedation dentistry, but the four most common are as follows:

Inhaled minimal sedation
In this type of sedation, patients inhale nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, through a mask. The dentist can control the amount of gas you receive, and the gas helps you to relax quickly.

Oral conscious sedation
Oral sedation is as simple as taking a pill such as Halcion. This is our most common procedure, and you’ll become drowsy and may fall asleep although many patients remain awake.

IV sedation dentistry
IV sedation dentistry is the quickest method of sedation and you receive the medication through an IV that’s inserted into a vein. The dentist controls the amount of medication you receive.

Deep sedation dentistry
Deep sedation is also called general anesthesia and you’ll be asleep during the procedure. You won’t awaken until the medication is reversed or wears off.

Your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of each method with you and help you make the decision that’s best for you and your treatment.

Are There Benefits to Sedation for Dental Treatment?

One of the major benefits of sedation for dental treatment is that it enables you to maintain good oral hygiene without becoming stressed over the procedure. You’ll have a painless procedure and you won’t experience the gag reflex that’s so common among dental patients. If you are interested in dental sedation, call our Yonkers office for more information or to make an appointment for sleep dentistry.

Can I Obtain Sedation Dentistry Insurance?

Your current dental insurance may provide sedation dentistry benefits. Many plans cover this procedure when it’s medically necessary, but the best source of information on your plan provisions is your insurance provider. However, if you’re not comfortable speaking to them, call our office and we’ll help you. Be sure to bring your insurance information to your appointment.

How Long Will My Dental Sedation Last?

The length of time your sedation will last depends on the type and amount of sedative you received and your physiological reaction to it. Some patients who receive inhaled sedation are able to drive home. Those who have received IV sedation dentistry or general anesthesia may not recover completely for several hours.

Dental sedation can enable you to maintain good oral hygiene while reducing your stress level. If you’re interested in sedation dentistry in Yonkers, call our office to schedule a consultation. Don’t jeopardize your good oral health when a solution is available. Call Saw Mill Dental at (914) 357-8917 and let us help you. We look forward to adding you to our rapidly expanding dental family in Yonkers.

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