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Tooth Sensitivity in Yonkers

If you need relief from tooth sensitivity in Yonkers, look no further than Saw Mill Dental. We understand that tooth sensitivity can make everyday activities like eating, drinking, and even brushing your teeth a challenge. Our skilled dental team has the knowledge and expertise to effectively diagnose and treat sensitive teeth. We go beyond addressing the symptoms to focus on identifying the underlying causes so that you get long-lasting relief. So, let’s say goodbye to sensitivity and hello to a vibrant, healthy smile that radiates confidence.

How Do You Know If Your Teeth Are Overly Sensitive?

This condition occurs when the dentin, the underlying layer of your teeth, becomes exposed. Factors such as wear and tear on the enamel—the hard protective outer coating of the teeth—and gum recession contribute to this exposure. Your teeth have nerves in the roots to detect pressure and temperature, but if the dentin is exposed, hot, cold, or acidic foods send signals to the nerve cells, which you experience as sensitivity or pain.

Why Do Teeth Become Sensitive?

Sensitivity can be the result of a few factors. Brushing your teeth with excessive force or grinding them can gradually wear away the protective enamel, exposing the underlying dentin. Acid-rich food and drinks can also wear away enamel. Some teeth-whitening products cause sensitivity, but the good news is that discomfort is usually temporary.

Worn enamel isn’t the only cause of sensitivity. As we age, typically at about age 40, the gums tend to shrink, revealing sensitive tooth roots that lack a protective enamel covering. If you notice that your gums look like they’re receding, let your dentist know. Receding gums can be a sign of underlying issues like gum disease, which is caused by plaque and tartar buildup. Smoking also boosts the risk of gum disease. Another culprit for tooth sensitivity is a cracked tooth. When a tooth is cracked, the sensitivity can be acute, especially when the tooth is exposed to cold.

Contact us to identify the cause of your tooth sensitivity and receive the dental care you need to once again enjoy your favorite treats without discomfort or pain.

Treatments Available for Sensitive Teeth

To tackle tooth sensitivity, we recommend scheduling an appointment at Saw Mill Dental. Our skilled team of dental professionals will perform a thorough assessment to determine if your dental pain is caused by tooth sensitivity. Then, we will present you with a recommended plan of treatment, such as using desensitizing toothpaste or getting fluoride treatments. For more extensive issues, we could suggest bonding, gum grafts, or root canal therapy. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Rest assured, there are many excellent options for resolving sensitive teeth, and some of them can be conveniently tried at home.

How Can I Prevent My Teeth From Developing Extreme Sensitivity?

Protecting tooth enamel is the foundation of preventing tooth sensitivity. To prevent enamel damage, try these tips:

• Brush gently: Avoid pressing too hard when you brush your teeth, especially in a side-to-side motion along the gum line. Instead, choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush at a slight angle to your gums.

• Watch out for acidic foods and drinks: Soda, sticky candies, and high-sugar carbs can harm your enamel. Try to limit these items in your diet. Instead, choose fiber-rich fruits and vegetables and calcium-rich dairy products. Green or black tea and sugarless gum are also good options. If you drink something acidic, don’t brush immediately after. Wait for about an hour to let your enamel rebound first.

• Address teeth grinding: Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can wear down your enamel. Your dentist can fit you with a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth.

• Take a break from bleaching: If you experience sensitivity after whitening your teeth, discuss it with your dentist. They can check the situation and determine whether you need to take a break or switch products.

Affordable Dental Care in Yonkers

At Saw Mill Dental, we believe in being proactive when it comes to your oral health, nipping potential issues in the bud. Our dedicated team of dental professionals is wholeheartedly devoted to crafting exceptional smiles for you and your family. We work tirelessly to ensure our patients’ smiles shine bright for a lifetime.

Don’t let tooth sensitivity stop you from enjoying life. Take charge of your dental health journey by scheduling an appointment with Saw Mill Dental today. Our team of talented professionals is eagerly waiting to address your tooth sensitivity, allowing you to reclaim your confidence and share your radiant smile with the world. Let us help you savor every moment with a pain-free smile.

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